Best Air Purifier Buying Guide – 2019

Best Air Purifier Buying Guide – 2019

Best Air Purifier buying guide. Choosing the right Air Purifier can be confusing and frustrating for you in any case.Because there is some Air purifier in the market which is harmful to health.

This type of air purifier has a harmfull level ozone Which pollutes the air and creates a burning sensation in the lungs. also It can be dangerous for asthma sufferers. So this air purifier guide will help you find suitable and safe air purifiers.

Air Purifier Filter Types :

The effectiveness of the Air Purifier depends on the type of filter. Hepa filters are very popular in the market Because eliminates allergies by filtering dust, animal dander, and pollen. The following are some of the air filters and their functionality.

HEPA Filters :

HEPA Filter eliminates at least 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns. Allergic reactions such as dust mites and pollen are trapped in the filter. So this filter is more effective for patients with asthma. But the problem is that the filter needs to be changed regularly.

Ion Generators :

Ion Generators are the second most popular Air Purifier. It often creates spots on nearby walls and floors. Because it cannot remove impurities. Rather, it forces a surface to cling. Also, the ion generator emit ozone and creates a lung irritant that is dangerous for asthma and other lung disease.

Charged Media Filters :

Charged Media Filters works on the same power principle as ion generators. But do not create spots on the wall or floor like an Ion Generator. Because it eliminates impurities. Besides, its main advantage is that its collector’s plates do not have to be replaced Only wash the dishwasher.

Activated Carbon Filters :

Activated Carbon Filters activated carbon and charcoal filters are too small to be trapped in gas and chemicals. The larger the carbon filter, in this case, the more chemical it will absorb And will continue to work for longer. When the filter is full to absorb Only then will the filters be changed

Antibacterial and Germicidal Filters :

Antibacterial and Germicidal Filters remove bacteria and germs. This filter uses a UV lamp. When the disease germs pass through the lamp, their DNA changes as a result of ultraviolet rays And make their disinfectant and harmless.

Other things to consider when buying an Air Purifier :

Area Coverage :

You should buy an air purifier to cover the entire area, depending on the size of your room. Because if the air purifier is not cover the entire area, the air will not be able to purify properly

Price :

The price depends on the air purifier’s capacity and quality. So, in this case, you need to set the price according to your needs. So the price should be taken into consideration when purchasing

Warranty :

Company Discrepancies Some companies offer one year or up to five years’ warranty. That is, if the product is damaged within the time given by the company, the company will repair it.

Energy Usage :

Different air purifiers use different amounts of energy. Because the air purifier uses energy according to capacity.


Best Air purifier buying guide. This means that following this guide, you will be able to purchase the right air purifier as per your demand.

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