Learn Web Development For Beginners In Easy Way

Learn Web Development For Beginners In Easy Way

Learn Web Development For Beginners. Web developers are at the forefront of the internet period. The websites we browse, the gifts we order and therefore the news we read online are all created possible by the web developers who design, create and implement Internet websites. they’re massively concerned in website creation, from helping design aesthetic properties like layout and color, to technical concerns like how to design a website to manage a given quantity of internet traffic.

Not solely is the web development field exciting and at the forefront of the digital age, but it’s additionally a growing field. This guide will justify how to become a web developer, what skills and education are required, different career paths, current market trends, and what people can expect as a web developer professional.

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HTML, you have heard regarding it a lot of time ahead. If I’m not mistaken HTML is the language you have learned in your school life. Yes, it’s really the same as what you have learned a long time before but as long as time changes technologies are changes. currently a day as you have grown up, Even HTML has been growing up too, currently, there’s called HTML5 which comes in existence.

What? worried regarding what’s it? Don’t be. I simply said that as we big up HTML has grown up too but the distinction between us and HTML is, it modified its name to HTML5. In HTML5, you can not simply prepare the basic structure of the web page but we’ve got many more things that we can do.

we can store and process values on variables on-page itself with no databases like we have a tendency to do in any programming languages (Temporary variables), we can develop games on that. No would like of flash to play animations on that. Even we will develop a completely functional blog with HTML4 itself without any help from server-side scripting languages.

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Who doesn’t like Make-Up? Certainly, you listened right makeup. We live in such a society where everybody wants to look attractive, beautiful, to achieve this everyone does makeup. Similarly, CSS does for HTML. CSS creates the beauty on HTML pages. With the help of CSS, you can make your web page colorful and glossy.

You can also create animations using CSS. You can add transitions, modifying the scrolling events of your pages, mouse click events and many more. But as HTML changes to HTML5, CSS also has been changed to CSS3.

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You have learned how your site will look like, you have designed the attraction of your page yet. Presently, it’s turn to create some beneficial tasks that your web page elements will do when some actions performed on your web pages like button click events, mouse up any text, playing and pausing some animations on-page and many more.

With the help of JAVASCRIPT, you can do that simply. One of the best scripting languages used to make a web page more smooth, flexible and platform-independent is javascript. It’s not that simple to learn but whatever you learned at an easy level, that will be sufficient to do your all tasks.

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Remember the term Responsive? No ?, Okay let me explain to you what correctly responsive website means. Responsive websites are those sites which change its element’s alignments, spacing according to the screen size of the device it is browsing.

This is the technology called Bootstrap which makes it simpler to design a responsive web site. Bootstrap is an open-source front end framework that works with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design responsive web sites for your laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

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As up to now you have learned about how your web page will look like, how the interface of your web page users will suffer. How it response based upon the user’s activity but only at the client device. But nowadays we have the works of a lot perform on the back end of our web page called server.

So to code in the server-side we need server-side scripting language which one is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). We have also many more other server-side scripting languages are there like Asp.net, JSP, etc but PHP is one of the easiest and various used server-side scripting languages.

How to Run a PHP program on your local device?

As PHP is a server-side scripting language it needs to have a server to run? So how can you do that? certainly You can not afford a server to learn PHP. So don’t worry about it. We have a lot of tools available in the IT market which helps you to run PHP codes on your local device. Following tools can be used to run PHP codes on local device :

  • WAMP(Windows, Apache MySQL, PHP) – For windows machines
  • LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) – For Linux based machines
  • XAMP(X-for any OS, Apache, MySQL, PHP) – It can work on any OS

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Now it appears to databases, We have so various data available to display on the web page but we just can’t easily store them on web pages. A database management system is significant because it manages data efficiently and allows users to perform multiple tasks with ease. A database management system stores, organizes and manages a large number of information within a single software application.

MY-SQL is one of the open-source database management available in the IT industry. I’m suggesting learning PHP language instead of ASP and JSP just because it provides the simplest way to connect MY-SQL database with it, If you have a basic concept of C/C++ Programming languages. Also, you can practice the connectivity of PHP and MY-SQL on your local device with the help of the tools discussed above.

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Advance Technologies to Learn –

Why should you learn advanced technologies? Certainly, this question will be occurring in your mind. It’s definitely true that you can develop a completely functional website with a well designed front end and a good performance back end but what if you want to design such a web site like Amazon, Flipkart, Google, Facebook, Snapdeal, etc. Those websites are not just using the above languages, tools but they use more than these technologies that I am going to explain to you as here.

#WordPress – WordPress is a content management system(CMS), about 20% of all websites operate on this framework

#Drupal – Drupal is a framework built using PHP.

#Django – Django is a full-stack framework built using python.

#Node Js – Node Js is a server-side javascript framework.

#Ruby On Rails – Ruby On Rails is a full-stack framework built using ruby.

Libraries – Libraries are groupings of code snippets to allow a large amount of functionality without having to write it all by yourself. Libraries Usually also go through the difficulty to make sure the code is efficient and works well across browsers and devices (not always the case, but usually they do).

. Jquery – Its a javascript library that makes HTML documents traversal, manipulations, event handling, animations and AJAX with a much simpler to use API that works with various browsers.

. UnderScoreJs– Its additionally a javascript library that provides a whole mess of functional programming helpers.

API – API full form is application programming interface. It is built by the developer of an application to support other developers to use some of the application’s functionality without sharing code.

Developers expose “endpoints” which are like inputs and outputs of the application. API can control access with API keys. Precedents of good APIs are those created by Facebook, Twitter, and Google for their web services.

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